Today, the development of science and technology help people to work in many different ways, interact with each other through a variety of devices and social networks. Therefore, we can work just by interacting with the internet. However, sitting too much will greatly affect with the ligaments of the spine when a large amount of weight impact on the shoulder and back muscles in a long time. In addition, when you are in front of a computer, you have to stretch your neck while focusing on something, causing pain on the neck and shoulders.

Therefore, the right solution for people who often work with computers is exercise regularly. In particular, running helps to save time and money. Moreover, it has a great effect: not only prevent disease , but also is an opportunity for colleagues in the company to take their family and travel together on weekends. .

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  1. Go jogging helps to improve the clerks health

Go jogging reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease

Jogging can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease up to 45%. Scientists suppose that jogging will help to increase blood pressure, the level of HDL cholesterol also increases, which is very beneficial blood sugar. Specifically, when you go jogging, blood will flow to the heart, it pumps blood to the body to make it work stronger. Harmonious combination of running with regular breathing will help you to prevent some cardiovascular diseases.

First of all, to get the habit of jogging regularly, the company will organize an internal running event to boost spirit for their employees, combined with singging&dancing, picnic. In order to maintain the running habit, Teamwork should be rewarded if they keep the habit of jogging regularly

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2. Jogging helps to keep your spirits up – good job at work

Your employees don’t need to run too long for a time, just keep running every day to help their feel comfortable, reduce stress at work, improve effective work. A study by the gym of Georgina University said: When the mood is being compressed, exercising for an hour is better three times than taking time to rest. Jogging is a perfect way to relieve anxiety, help us to have a good spirit to start a new day with full of energy.

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Thus, jogging not only brings high efficiency for the trainers themselves, but also helps greatly for the work of companies and businesses.

There is nothing better than participating in jogging, both strong body and the opportunity to connect patner together. Wishing you lots of health with running!